Virtual Vision Quest

Into the Sacred Mystery

Do you have the yearning to live a Soul-centered life and yet you feel a bit off, maybe overwhelmed or insecure about moving forward along your path to purpose?

Is there a deeper calling to connect with Spirit and Align to your Higher Self?

Are you ready to tune more deeply into your Intuition, your body and your Heart so you can Trust yourself and the Divine?

I’m sure your intentions are pure - hearted and you truly and deeply want to experience that unending flow of Universal life force that takes you to a dimension beyond the beyond so that you can return with a basket of blooming flowers and share them with those you love...right?

So, you must have felt the last several months of universal energetic explosions of otherworldly bliss? Or has it felt more like a blast of exhaustion, disconnection, fear, loss, lack of focus, forgetfulness and maybe even hopelessness? Yikes!

If so, here’s a possibility of why life has Not been such a pretty picture lately. You see, your humanly physical vessel can only absorb so much Divine light before you need to prepare it for receiving even more. Despite what Spiritual guru-types would have you believe...You are human with a human body that’s wired to be connected to Earth, not just floating in higher realms. So you must Re-set, Re-plenish and Re-juvenate your Body/Mind/Spirit systems. It’s Vital to your Vitality intake!

Flowing too much energy into your being before your body is ready is akin to running 1000-watts of energy through a 40-watt light bulb, Boom! ...And the Divine knows this!

The Divine doesn’t want you to explode or burn out your circuits even more while Awakening. And yet, asking for more energy, or intuitive gifts without first acknowledging your basic body rhythms can wreak havoc on your systems -- and cause you to be in energetic overload All of the time.

So how do you prepare your body for more? How do you cautiously navigate forward in these new exciting times? What’s it gonna take for you to Truly Awaken with care?

Ironically, you must STOP and go inward.

I know all the reasons that you don’t want to go inward --and I don’t mean Hiding out inwards, I mean consciously and with Awareness going inward -- because you are probably a people pleasing, caregiver, loving compassionate doormat that has a hard time saying ‘no’ to anyone with a slanted smile and a "pretty please" tone. And I mean that in the most honoring way...You are an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person that finds herself so busy giving that she has no Real time to devote to herSelf, right?

Oh yeah, and then there are the distractions, responsibilities of life and all that other stuff, I know, I’ve been boundary-less myself in the past. So of course, that gives me permission to help you move beyond that and into a New way of being, grounded, strong, healthy and centered -- That way you can tune in before giving an answer to someone and really feel what there is to do in that moment -- Stop giving your energy away and wondering where it all went!

If you’ve been searching to fully live as the embodiment of Spirit and Soul, but feel as if you’re not quite getting ’there’, it may be that you could use a Vision Quest.

When you finally get tired of seeking outside of yourself you will come into the mindset of the Quester and seek to Know only that which is Divine within…Everything else falls away. You’ll let go of constantly seeking out some sort of transcendental state that will ‘save’ you from this World, but instead, you’ll move into a deep state of listening to your own inner sacred wisdom and discover your Divine Wisdom Vision.

As a society, we’ve been looking outside of ourselves far too long, it’s time now to truly let go of distractions and let yourself go inside to get your answers...Your Divine Wisdom Vision really resides within You!

  • Be fully present and grounded in your body so you can get your Intuitive messages
  • Finally hear what your heart is whispering and prompting you to become
  • Take time to connect more intimately with nature & sit with yourSelf

Move beyond the conditioning and influences of this lifetime and into a state of embracing fully the being you are meant to become…your Higher Self. Come ‘home’ to yourSelf and know your Divine Wisdom Vision...’see’ it for yourself as you take the Virtual Vision Quest.

The body needs to rejuvenate, the mind needs to reset, the spirit needs to reawaken. We’ll show you the way to do that.

The time has come to uncover and reclaim the deep soul resonance that’s hidden far within your being, to open the inner library of ancient wisdom and medicine etched inside your heart. This is the time to acknowledge Self, your Divine Wisdom Vision and live your purpose.

I hear it all the time...

I don’t know, I don’t know, I just don’t know what I’m here to do! I’m constantly doing energy work and I still feel so disconnected from my Higher Self. I have No idea what I’m doing here or who I am -- Please Help! I’m not sure what the next step is and I don’t want to make the wrong choice and end up a failure.

This type of thinking is real and it may seem that there is a wrong way to go, but if you learn to discover your Divine Wisdom 'vision’ that the Divine has lovingly embedded into your energetic field, you can’t mess up. The Universe has placed your Divine Wisdom Vision into your energetic body and you’ve been assigned the perfect animal spirit, crystal spirit and celestial spirit medicine to support you on this journey. Yay!

We are preparing a special virtual retreat style vision quest so that you can find and embody your ‘Divine Wisdom Vision’. Looking and seeking outside of yourself will not get you to see your vision or get you any closer to living it out and leaving your join us and go within...we’ll do it together, okay?

Vision Quest is the Soul’s ritualistic way to bridge the chasm that exists between your Explainable, known world and your magical Inexplicable world of the unseen.

Bridging the unknown and the known…Feel into the in-between -- Questing will take you there!

We invite you to join Christel Hughes, Multi-sensory Intuitive & co-host Ana Maria Vasquez, Master Animal & Nature Intuitive for a Virtual Vision Quest.

What is it? Vision Questing is an ancient tool for spiritual growth, a means to heal the past from wounding, to access and ground your authentic Divine Self, to mobilize energy, experience your Divine Wisdom Vision, answer life path questions and get connected back with nature. At a deeper dive, a Vision Quest is the Soul's ritualistic way to bridge the chasm between your Explainable, known world and your magical, Inexplicable world of the unseen. Bridging the unknown and known with one-foot in each world to feel into the “in-between.” It is there you'll soon find your authentic Self.

You’ll be taken on guided journeys to meet your power animal medicine, to synch up with crystal medicine and reconnect with your celestials. You’ll reclaim the deep soul resonance that’s hidden far within your being, to open the inner library of ancient wisdom and medicine etched inside your heart. This is the time to acknowledge Self, your Divine Vision and live your purpose.

Step into the Mystery that's beyond the veil... Mother Nature is the ultimate example of ONEness in action, enticing us to step into our Essence and Live from un-fractured Wholeness. Feel into the Pulse of the Earth and let the veil fall away...

It is a coming back Home to you, it is embracing of the ONEness, the natural flow of nature. It is climbing back into the nurturing arms and into the rebirthing womb of the great Mother Earth.

virtual vision quest

Who this is the Vision Quest for?

Anyone Who...

  • Seeks to regain a stronger, more grounded connection with your authentic self
  • Aspires to regain a deeper connection with the Divine through Nature
  • Yearns to Discover that something special you're supposed to do, to share, and to offer in the world
  • Courageously desires to Step into your essence and live in love and joy from an un-fractured wholeness

Access the Infinite Healing Energy of the Earth

Here’s what to expect:

  • Partake in an Inner Treasure Hunt to Uncover your Unique Gifts
  • Learn how to Communicate and Receive Guidance through Animal, Crystal and Celestial medicine
  • Be in Harmony with your Spirit and Become more Grounded
  • Trust and Move Seamlessly through Transition
  • Release and Dissolve all Illusions in order to Embrace and Reside in your own Divine Energy
  • Unearth your Divine Essence, your Spiritual Path and Next Steps for Advancing into your Authentic Power

In a 24-hour period, we will initiate our Virtual Vision circle. We will design our Visioning room either inside or out in nature. Together we will commit to disconnecting from technology. We will juice to nourish our bodies. We will choose to remove ourselves from the constant exhaustion of doing. We can reconnect ourselves back to nature. We can honor the natural “pause” of the sacred feminine. We will become quiet. We’ll journey. We can question. We will discover answers. We may drum. We may dance. We will laugh. We may cry. Through this, we will seek our Divine Wisdom Vision. Through this, we can venture past our wounds and live from a healed, loving space. Through this, we can experience our Sacred Authentic Self and through this, we connect back to nature. We’ll return as a community and we’ll pass the virtual talking stick where we’ll share, grow and learn from one another.




Included in Virtual Vision Quest Program

Item #1: Virtual Vision Quest package

(Value $798)

Live Orientation Call

- Powerful intention session to set the Quest Sacred Circle stage with Christel Hughes

  • Crossing the Threshold, Ceremonial Preparation for Questers

We’ll gather for a time on the Golden Grid of Grace and launch our pure intentions into the Universe. We’ll share in ritual for our Sovereign communication with Creator to become Real and Known.

Virtual Vision Quest, Pre-Quest Package

- Downloadable PDF’s

  • Preparing your Quest area Checklist
  • Creating a Quest Circle
  • Crossing the Threshold, Ceremonial Preparation for Questers
  • ...And bonus PDF’s :-)

We’ll gather for a time on the Golden Grid of Grace and launch our pure intentions into the Universe. We’ll share in ritual for our Sovereign communication with Creator to become Real and Known.

Virtual Vision Quest Sacred Circle Webinar

- 1 ½- 2 hour Live Webinar with Christel Hughes & co-creator, Ana Maria Vasquez.

We will all gather together and unite in a Worldwide Virtual Vision circle. This will be a Ceremonial experience calling forth your personal:

  • Animal medicine
  • Celestial medicine
  • Crystal medicine

Ana Maria will lead you through an invocation of the four sacred directions, elements, animals, plants, minerals, the ancestors, and Life Force Energy. Through shamanic journey you will be introduced to the animal, plant, and mineral energy that will accompany you on your sacred vision quest. Discover how to BE with the energy of the Vision Quest and how it presents various pieces to you for healing and transmutation.

Christel will support you with accessing the Celestial energies that inspire and ignite the possibility of ‘seeing’ your Divine Wisdom Vision. Be prepared to download the ancient Beautyway map, guiding you to ritual and magic that unites your inner energies with your outer intentions.

These Celestial energies foster wholeness, balance and self-authority and lead to heightened consciousness and expansive thinking among the collective group.

Virtual Vision Quest Post-Quest Package

- Downloadable MP3 & Private community forum.

  • Questers Return from Circle: Integration, Assimilation and Recalibration, Guided Journey
  • Sharing in the energy of the Divine Wisdom Visions there will be a collective participation of passing the virtual talking stick. We’ll hold the space as a conscious community for the Truth of your visions to be revealed.

We’ll gather for a time on the Golden Grid of Grace and launch our pure intentions into the Universe. We’ll share in ritual for our Sovereign communication with Creator to become Real and Known.

Item #2: Hypersensitivity ReHab Protocol,
Private Consultation

- with Energy Deficiency Expert, Amanda Hopkins

(Value $155)

  • Questers get a 20-minute private one-on-one Energy Scan to Determine your Level of Sensitivity. This consultation with Academy Graduate, Amanda Hopkins, will identify steps that can support you in balancing your brain/body energy and restoring your vitality. A specific personalized plan and protocol will be laid out just for you. She will determine your needs which may include Brain Balancing, Hormonal toxin removal, Nervous System Reset, Energy Deficiencies and more...

Item #3: Special Coupon -- Hypersensitivity ReHab Protocol

(Value $50)

  • Questers get a $50 coupon off the Hypersensitivity ReHab Protocol — Good for $50 off one session with one of the Hypersensitivity ReHab Experts.

Reveal the Purest form of your Divine Self to you...then you will take that as the template to live into!

  • Overcome emotions that are not serving you or others
  • Stop seeking outside yourself, quest to know what’s divine within, allow everything else to fall away
  • Move into the ONEness by embracing everything, reject nothing, be all encompassing
  • Seeking and obtaining Self-knowledge, Acceptance and Clarity
  • Step into the mystery beyond the veil, step into your essence and live from an un-fractured wholeness
  • Feel the pulse of Mother Earth and allow the veil to fall away
  • Shatter the dependency you have on old Identity
  • It takes courage to go within and embrace the truth, dare to be brave, nothing leads to greater satisfaction

We invite you to take this Virtual Vision Quest with us right now. Join us, join others in your conscious community. If you are reading this message right now, you are being called...the invitation has been opened, will you RSVP "Yes" to the Universe?


Christel is a brilliant light and a real pleasure to work with. At my personal session I had many ideas for my soul purpose and mission but hadn't seen an effective way to unite different aspects. Christel held a strong and compassionate container and guided me through uncovering my soul-level gifts and seeing possibilities there that I hadn't considered or known about. That day it felt like we breathed divine sparks over the embers of my purpose work and I was delighted at how it lit up and came to life with great new dimension. Christel's breadth of experience, heart-centeredness, insights, and vision are remarkable and she is, simply phenomenal!

~ Anonymous

To work with Christel is to receive the Gift of Clarity, heartfully wrapped in focused Truth, Compassion and Love. She has the remarkable ability to pierce through what felt like confusion and chaos, to identify the aspects that have been causing separation from Highest Guidance, and to brilliantly guide us in transforming that previously-disturbing energy into energy aligned with our Higher Self

~ Hanalea Joy

Christel is a very powerful force for truth on the phone and online, but in person she is off the charts. I had an in-person session with her that resulted in a profound internal shift that I still feel and hold close long after the session. If you get the chance to work with Christel in person, I would jump at the opportunity!

~ Deb Regan, Intuitive Space Clearing Specialist

I Love the community and Support that Christel Hughes has created. Working in partners is so beneficial for feed back and growth. We know that we are all here for our personal growth, which in turn effects others and the whole of humanity. In a loving and truthful way Christel can draw out my inner most feelings. Jokingly I would say, "I wasn't sure I wanted to hear the truth”, but in reality I wouldn't be here if I wanted to hide. I have also come to appreciate that Christel “teaches" the processes, something you can use over and over on yourself or others. I can’t say enough about the growth. I have been on and off the quest for inner awaking since I was 20, within 3 years I have achieved more personal insight and growth, something I welcome with open arms! All the processes that Christel offers is walking up a ladder to the Divine, living from the Heart has not only improved my life but my relationship with my family.

Going on the retreat takes everything to another level. The energy felt and working within the group or out in nature is so amazing, that I wanted to box it up and take it home...I didn't box it up, but certainly took it home. I feel blessed to have found "Academy for the Soul

~ Antoinette



I’m here to support you in your journey of transformation and illumination. If you are seeking growth and clarity for your Spiritual awakening or a modality to support yourself along your path to purpose, love and greater fulfillment, then this is the space for you. Thank you for being conscious to take the next step.

Much Love to You,

About Christel

Christel Hughes is a Multi-Sensory Energetic Intuitive, Medium and Holistic Life coach, known by many as the "Spiritual Trainer to the Stars", specializing in self-development, energetic healing and rapid transformation for celebrities and individuals throughout the World. Most people know Christel for her lightning-fast and laser-focused Intuitive readings.

Christel's work has broadened to include multiple programs and pathways to Higher Consciousness and Energetic Transformation. The Academy for the Soul was born through Christel Hughes, as the 'Online School for Intuitive Arts'. Christel's purpose is to bring and shine light into the world, and to operate as a conduit of Divine Truth, working with people as they identify and develop their gifts, and step into their purpose-work. The Academy for the Soul helps people discover and develop their Intuitive Gifts, and then share those gifts with the world as an offering.

About Ana Maria Vasquez

Ana Maria has been an educator, trainer & coach for more than 20 years in various areas of personal transformation. As a natural multi-sensory Intuitive Energy Tracker, an interpreter of sorts, she lifts the veil between what’s happening in the 3D world and the energetic patterns behind it. She has a profound connection with nature & animals and specializes in working with them because they act as mirrors to our inner landscape and help us make shifts that on our own we wouldn’t do. She is also a Certified Intuitive Strategist and serves on the faculty of the Academy for the Soul.

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